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Checklist: Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When creating plans for a commercial kitchen, it's critical to closely examine your equipment needs to ensure an efficient operation. Mistakes can be costly, but good equipment planning can bring succ[...] Read More

Quick Guide: Ghost Kitchens, Virtual Restaurants, and Shared Kitchens

With the continued spike in demand for delivery and takeout, many restaurant owners are moving away from the traditional dine-in restaurant model and toward the concept of a centralized kitchen – an i[...] Read More

Widespread Changes: The Future of Kitchens and Restaurants [Podcast]

In this episode of the Boelter Wire, Jason and William discuss how current food service trends and business practices have been affected by the Coronavirus, as well as talk through some future thinkin[...] Read More

Senior living facilities deal with COVID-19 in creative ways [Podcast]

This episode of the Boelter wire interviews Shelly Sievert, Boelter’s Director of Business Development. Shelly and William Braun, Boelter's content manager have a timely conversation about the effects[...] Read More

Steel, Ceramic, and Glass: All about Beer Growlers [Podcast]

Lance Taylor, Field Sales Manager of Boelter's beverage division, checks in with The Boelter Wire for a discussion about growlers–their origins, how their design has changed over the years and the cre[...] Read More

Senior Dining: Streamline operations and create efficiencies [Podcast]

Shelly Sievert, Boelter's Director of Business Development, joins The Boelter Wire podcast to conclude the series of discussions that focuses on senior living and the dining experience of its resident[...] Read More

Tips to successfully prepare for city-wide events

Park City, Utah, hosts the annual Sundance Film Festival, the largest independent film festival in the United States. Comic-Con International occurs each year in San Diego and remains as one of the la[...] Read More

Managing dining room waste in senior living facilities [Podcast]

In this episode of The Boelter Wire, we're joined by Shelly Sievert, Boelter's Director of Business Development. Shelly discusses the issues surrounding food waste in a senior living dining room and i[...] Read More

The Future of Food: Restaurant Sustainability and Technology [Podcast]

Chef Michael Solovey, Cooking School and Event Center Coordinator for the Boelter SuperStore, concludes our series of podcast discussions centered around food. In this final episode, Chef Michael pred[...] Read More

Make your restaurant's delivery service faster and more accurate

Not long ago, receiving a pizza in 30 minutes or less sounded like a miracle! Making good on that promise of speed was a matter of planning, food prep, efficient workflows and reliable employees on th[...] Read More

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