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The Boelter Wire, Episode 6: Tabletop trends with staying power [Podcast]

Julie Pandl, Sales and Tabletop Specialist, continues her discussion on the role of tabletop design in a foodservice venture. In this episode, we cover industry trends: which ones are fads, and which [...] Read More

The Boelter Wire, Episode 5: The importance of tabletop [Podcast]

Your food is the heart and soul of your business, but how you serve it can be just as important. In this episode, Julie Pandl, Sales and Tabletop Specialist, discusses how a smart, inspired tabletop d[...] Read More

Introducing our podcast: The Boelter Wire

Here at Boelter, we pride ourselves on the insights we've gained from more than 90 years working in the food and beverage industry. To continue sharing these insights with you in new and exciting ways[...] Read More

5 considerations for patio umbrellas (and 1 must-do)

When toying with the idea of investing in branded patio umbrellas, there is much more to consider than which colors will match. (Umbrellas are more interesting than you might have thought!) Here are t[...] Read More

Calculating total cost of ownership for your foodservice equipment

Owning and operating a restaurant comes with a significant price tag. Buying a new piece of kitchen equipment undoubtedly adds to your costs, both up front and over its lifetime. Add in energy use and[...] Read More

What servers should actually ask first-time diners

Picture this: After a long, hard day, you want to treat yourself to dinner at a nice restaurant. Rather than visiting an old standby, you decide to try a new-to-you place that always gets good reviews[...] Read More

Industry Perspective: The Importance of Dining at a Senior Living Community

In a senior living community, it's the responsibility of the administration and staff to ensure that residents are well cared for. This care plays a significant role in enhancing quality of life for r[...] Read More

7 tips for creating an outdoor patio space

Whether you're in the Midwest – where making the most of every spring day and summer night is a priority – or you’re fortunate enough to experience tranquil weather year-round, expanding your restaura[...] Read More

Make the most of Mother's Day [Infographic]

Mother's Day is an important occasion in the food and beverage industry. Not only is it a special day to celebrate mothers of all kinds and everything they do, it's also a huge business opportunity. Y[...] Read More

Industry Perspective: Building Relationships

Whether you’re pursuing your passion in the foodservice or beverage industry, building a relationship with your distributor can take your business to the next level. As technology plays a growing, cri[...] Read More

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