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Offering Holiday Drinks? Try Craft Beer and Cocktails To Go

We continue to see many of our favorite independent and chain restaurants pivot their business model to focus more on curbside pickup and to-go options. This is a decision that has repeatedly made the[...] Read More

Top 6 Dining Considerations for Senior and Assisted Living Communities

At its foundation, senior living communities are about taking care of people. Taking care of our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and ensuring that they are living their lives to the fullest. [...] Read More

Case Study: Olympic Hills Golf Club

Nearly 50 years after it was founded in 1969, Olympic Hills Golf Club (Eden Prairie, MN) underwent a renovation that took the better part of three years (2013 – 2015). Reopening in the summer of 2015,[...] Read More

Foodservice innovations and the senior dining experience with Libbey, Inc. [Podcast]

In this episode of The Boelter Wire, Kevin Walsh, Director of Foodservice Healthcare Sales with Libbey, Inc., discusses the latest dining advancements in the world of senior living foodservice and exp[...] Read More

Top COVID-19 customer questions that restaurants need to answer

What do your customers want? This age-old problem has a simple solution: Pay attention to what questions they're asking. Major search trends reveal the answers that diners need when they're trying to [...] Read More

Improving food quality and safety with IDDSI [Podcast]

Welcome to an informative conversation with Margaret Roche – Registered Dietitian and founder of Roche Dietitians – discussing the "We Test for Safety" training program and how it benefits the Interna[...] Read More

Top reasons you need custom coasters for your brand

Custom coasters are a great opportunity to be creative and showcase your brand. They allow you to highlight specials,  communicate promotions,  share upcoming events and even display unique menu items[...] Read More

Before and after: buffet and salad bars become profitable micromarkets

Not long ago the restaurant industry responded to consumer demand for a greater variety of healthy food by adding an ever-growing list of salad options to their menus. This became a precursor to the e[...] Read More

Quick Guide: Ghost Kitchens, Virtual Restaurants, and Shared Kitchens

With the continued spike in demand for delivery and takeout, many restaurant owners are moving away from the traditional dine-in restaurant model and toward the concept of a centralized kitchen – an i[...] Read More

Foodservice industry trends: consistently inconsistent

Boelter's VP of sales, Jason Prondzinski, was quoted by industry leading publication FE&S' Magazine "The aspect of the foodservice industry that is most consistent is inconsistency". The article aptly[...] Read More

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