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Senior dining culinary offerings are evolving with Vi Living [Podcast]

Welcome to a special customer spotlight episode of the Boelter Wire. This episode features Shelly Sievert, Boelter’s Director of Business Development, in a remote conversation with Steve Sandblom and [...] Read More

Online Ordering Software for Restaurants

Contactless technology and online ordering has become a necessity, as it continues to grow for restaurants and bars across the country. Let guests order directly from your restaurant and eliminate any[...] Read More

3 compelling reasons to use the right glassware for beer

See it, smell it, drink it. Did you know 75% of consumers believe beer is better when consumed in a glass versus a bottle? Drinking from a glass stimulates all of your senses, providing the ultimate c[...] Read More

Ideas for adding food to the menu at your brewery's taproom and patio

As breweries continue to position themselves locally and focus on building out their craft and their brand, they are also adapting their business and offering their customers not only a great sampling[...] Read More

Essential chef wear to outfit your food service operation

The culinary experts on your team need to look and feel professional at all times. The apparel that is worn in the kitchen, should reflect the high quality and unique style of your operation. Many man[...] Read More

Types of Restaurant Takeout Containers

Restaurant takeout containers are in high demand due to the enormous influx of off-premise dining caused by COVID-19. Even as dining rooms reopen, many customers are choosing to pick meals up or order[...] Read More

Implementing contactless technologies for a safer operation

There is no doubt, COVID-19 is shaping the future of foodservice. Both out of convenience and concern for safety of employees and guests, contactless dining is being propelled forward. In the last few[...] Read More

Restaurant tabletop considerations for dine-in service during Covid-19

Not much if anything has remained unchanged about the foodservice industry since COVID-19 has forced the industry to adapt and shift in nearly every aspect. Across the United States there are varying [...] Read More

Product Perspective: Curbside Pickup & To-Go Equipment

Consumers continue to appreciate the convenience of to-go and curbside pick-up; in many scenarios, they never even have to leave their car. Restaurants like it because it provides additional opportuni[...] Read More

Restaurant Patio Furniture Guide

Now, more than ever it's important to maximize your seating capacity and move your dining space to the outdoors. With the complexities of dining room capacity restrictions and the reopening of your es[...] Read More

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