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By the numbers: Sustainability in foodservice [Infographic]

It might seem like "going green" is just a trend, but the numbers tell a different story. Green is here to stay - customers appreciate eco-friendliness, and it makes good business sense, too. You can cut down on food costs and food waste by implementing some practices which embrace being more environmentally friendly. You may be surprised by the quantity of takeout containers and prep containers thrown away each year. Looking at the bottom line it can be significantly more cost effective to buy different and more sustainable containers for each of these areas of your business. When it comes to the restroom in your establishment, there can also be some  waste of money and resources, like how much paper towel and water guests are using. While each of these can seem small, all together they can add up to make a large difference.

There are some certifications available if you want to show customers and staff you are committed to sustainability in a big way. There is a variety of different things that can be done to eliminate some of the waste that occurs, and it's likely worthwhile to consider how some of these practices could benefit your establishment. As part of a growing trend, customers are paying closer attention to the ways in which business embrace sustainability. Many of them have made changes in their own lives to reduce the waste they generate, and they will no doubt appreciate the efforts you have made when visiting you business. We've compiled the most compelling facts and figures about how sustainability efforts can benefit your restaurant or other foodservice business for this interactive infographic.



Now that you've seen the evidence, are you ready to implement your own sustainability efforts? Check out our resources with tips on going green.

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