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Up to code easily!

Every state has its own food service codes that must be adhered to rigidly.  Of course, it is required by law to follow these standards, but legality is not the only reason to ensure your establishment is up to code. A dirty restaurant not only fails nationwide health standards, but it also violates your customers’ trust. 


Proper cleaning of the most important areas of your restaurant – kitchen, bathroom, and dining room – doesn’t have to be daunting, however. With San Jamar, an industry leader in food service cleanliness for the past 20 years, sanitation and hygiene will be a simplified part of your daily restaurant maintenance. 

Up to code in your kitchen 

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards are required for restaurants to protect themselves from biological or chemical standards. Important kitchen guidelines for the kitchen include proper storage techniques, food temperature expectations, and sanitation guidelines. 

Use these San Jamar tools to reach HACCP standards:

Smart Charts. Even trained kitchen staff need reminders to keep up with kitchen sanitation. Posting these charts can prevent cross-contamination (when used with color-coded cutting boards), promote hand-washing, and maintain temperature standards.

Smart ChartSaf-Check. Designed to improve food-borne illness outbreaks, the Saf-Check systems stores thermometer and sanitizer test strips together for simplified use. Its bimetallic thermometer calibration tool ensures consistent temperature readings. 

Keeping a sanitary bathroom 

survey of more than 2,000 American adults found that 93 percent would not return to a retail store if any of the store’s facilities were not up to par. Unclean restrooms were highlighted in particular. 

San Jamar

Here are ideas for simplifying maintenance of an ever-clean bathroom:

Arriba™ Twist Starter Packs. One of the most-commonly cited reasons that guests find bathrooms unclean is because of unpleasant smells. Keep these in check with a green technology that keeps bathroom air fresh – without batteries – for up to 60 days. 

Rely® Manual Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser. This soap dispenser serves a dual purpose. It helps your servers stay up to standard while also making sure that your bathroom stays tidy. Without drips and running product, your soap dispensers are better suited to a clean bathroom. San Jamar

Cleaning up your dining area 

ServSafe training program administered by the National Restaurant Association is required in 30 states. Training is available for managers, food handlers, and servers, just to name a few. 


Here are tools that can help restaurants keep up with ServSafe expectations: 

Kleen-Pail® Caddy™ System. A clean dining room is one that patrons want to eat in. The caddy system of the pail combines two essential parts of a clean space – the pail and the sanitizer bottle spray. The pail has a storage compartment for the sanitizer, too, for simplified use and simplified storage. Just need the pail? We have that, too.

KP500-RIGHT-BOTTLE-OUT-e1529075654292-768x658Saf-T-Scoop® and ice tote. Diners are always watching servers in the dining room. Especially if servers make drinks in view of diners, you can put them at ease with a Saf-T-Scoop. The scoop ensures that your servers will never touch the ice in the bucket or that is put into diners’ beverages. You’ll also meet safety standards. 

A sanitary restaurant is both a requirement and a customer expectation. By incorporating San Jamar products into your cleaning, storage and preparation solutions, you can simplify your processes.

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