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Types of Disposable Gloves for Foodservice Operations

Disposable gloves are essential in many different environments. Gloves for foodservice operations are especially important to comply with food safety regulations. While promoting sanitary conditions in your kitchen encompasses everything from maintaining proper refrigeration temperatures to reducing cross contamination, single use disposable gloves are crucial component. Durable and hygienic, they help to keep your food, customers, and employees safe. When choosing gloves, there are a variety of options including latex glovesnitrile glovespoly gloves, and vinyl gloves. Each type comes in many sizes to accomodate each member of your staff with the right fitting set of gloves.

Chef wearing gloves prepping food

Types of disposable gloves to consider for your foodservice operation:

Latex Gloves - A great choice for food handling as well as laboratory work, latex gloves provide the highest degree of dexterity available. Latex gloves offer an excellent and ambidextrous fit for comfort, and flexibility. Available in powdered and non-powdered, latex gloves are an excellent choice to help your operation advance safety and sanitation.

Nitrile Gloves  - Gloves such as these are essential for preventing the spread of both bacteria and germs in all environments. Whether in the kitchen, the janitorial station, lab, bathroom or doctors office, nitrile gloves are the most durable gloves on the market. These gloves protect skin from harmful cleaning chemicals that can damage hands and won't rip or break during use.

Poly Gloves  - Poly gloves are perfect for deli or food service applications. They are lightweight, easy to dispose, and latex free to prevent allergic reactions. Poly gloves are often sold in bulk so staff can easily grab a fresh set when switching between food preparations to help reduce the chance of cross-contamination.

Vinyl Gloves - Many foodservice and healthcare facilities are switching to vinyl gloves as more and more people have allergies to other more widely available gloves. Economical by material and design, vinyl gloves are perfect for applications where gloves are frequently changed. Offering near “bare hand” dexterity and sensitivity, vinyl gloves provide an excellent and ambidextrous fit for comfort, flexibility, and safety. Available in powdered and non-powdered, vinyl gloves will help you advance safety and sanitation in any environment.

Packaging Food wearing gloves

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