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Types of Commercial Carts

Commercial carts are designed to make transporting heavy loads easier, safer, and more efficient. Each day, whether you operate a commercial kitchen, a fine dining restaurant, or a catering company, your employees move everything from food inventory, to china and glassware, to tables, chairs, and linens. It’s important to choose carts that will fit a variety of needs.

Perfect for transportation and storage, commercial carts are made of durable plastic and/or high quality stainless stainless steel. Choose carts that match key criteria including: easy to clean, built to withstand rigors of any foodservice environment, and keep supplies safely in storage areas. 

Catering Foodservice Cart

Types of carts to consider for your foodservice operation:

Dish Carts - Transporting dishes from one location to another can be an operational challenges. High quality China tends to be an investment, and keeping it safe during transportation is a priority. Also known as the Dish Dolly, or Dish Caddy, foodservice dish carts are designed to prevent breakage during transportation and provide storage during down times. Foodservice dish carts save time, energy, and money, while reducing the risk of injury. Adjustable to fit any plate size, dish carts make setting tables and buffets easy. Non corrosive construction, no rust wheels, and protective plastic coating mean that your dish cart is designed to stand up to the rigors of rolling all over your operation.

Housekeeping Carts  - Housekeeping is one of the most important jobs in the hospitality industry and can have a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction. It’s important to keep your staff supplied with housekeeping carts that will make their job easier and accommodate all the necessary tools and equipment. There are lightweight and compact housekeeping carts that can carry everything from towels and tissue, to beverages and waste bins and vacuum cleaner. Shelving and dividers help keep carts organized, while bumpers keep carts (and walls) in excellent condition. 

Kitchen Carts  - Kitchen carts are an excellent way to add a little extra prep space in your kitchen?  Known throughout the industry for their beauty and toughness, John Boos blocks and carts are the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen. Boos blocks are made of durable, NSF certified, sanitary, and knife-friendly, rock hard maple. They are an excellent fit for virtually all foodservice environments. More professional chefs choose BoosBlocks® over any other cutting surface in the industry. 

Luggage Carts - Luggage and baggage carts are ideal for any hotel or hospitality business. Recognized as a symbol of excellence throughout the industry, and setting the standard for aesthetics and functionality, Forbes luggage carts are perfect for transporting and storing luggage. Bumpers, push bars, and pneumatic wheels make them rugged and easy to push. Carpeted decks prevent luggage from slipping and reduce the chance for injury and/or damage. Contemporary designs are at home in any location. Whether you’re hauling luggage or giving your customers a place to put theirs, it's important to pick carts you can rely on.

Plate Dispenser Carts - Foodservice events can get pretty hectic; keep plates fully stocked for the most customer satisfaction. There are different size drop-in plate dispensers to accommodate your needs, regardless the plate size. Both heated and un-heated plate dispensers come equipped with wheels so they are easy to transport from place to place. Use heated plate dispensers to help keep food warmer for longer! Plate dispensers are essential for any well organized and efficient buffet line.

Room Service Carts - Room service tables and carts offer a variety of functions, from storage to transportation. Critical to the hospitality, food, and beverage industry, room service carts and tables are a user friendly way to move meals from your kitchen to your guests. Keeping food and beverages at the proper temperature, and designed to maximize space and prevent crowding, room service carts are available with hot or cold boxes, folding tops, and locking casters. There are a variety of styles to choose from, it's important to pick the one that  h enhance's the dining experience of your guests.

Tray and Rack Dispenser Carts - Everything in a foodservice kitchen needs a home, especially service trays and storage racks. Tray and rack dispensers provide easy access and a well-kept look. In addition, counter height, self-elevating construction furnishes a convenient and ergonomic dispensing level. Tray and rack dispensers are designed to house trays, cups, glasses and saucers during service and downtime. Wheels and bumpers make fully loaded dispensers easy to move, saving time, money and energy, while reducing the risk of injury. Stainless steel construction means tray and rack dispensers are non-corrosive, so they will stand up to the rigors of your day-to-day operation.

Utility Carts - Foodservice utility carts are the backbone of your kitchen and hospitality transportation. Perfect for moving everything from tabletop items, to kitchen utensils, to ingredients, utility carts are the small equipment essential that will save you time, energy, and money. Utility carts are your go to solution for front of the house, back of the house, and off-premise catering jobs. Just about anything you need moved; a utility cart is up to the task. They are engineered to carry heavy loads over rough terrain, and able to provide a wide variety of tasks.

Banquet Carts - Banquet Carts provide the versatility needed for high-volume foodservice operations. These durable carts include either 4, 5 or 6 shelves and are ideal for storing and transporting large loads up to 2000 pounds. Also, to make transporting an easy task, these queen mary banquet carts come equipped with four 8" diameter casters, two swivel and two rigid, allowing for optimal versatility of movement.

Service Carts - Perfect for beverage service, meal delivery, and tableside service and presentation at any foodservice or hospitality operation. High impact trim edges prevent premature nicks and scrapes while keeping your service cart looking good from its first day on duty until its last. 

Foodservice Cart

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