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Quick Guide for a Healthy Foodservice Operation During COVID-19

Our team of kitchen design professionals have had their finger on the pulse of this rapidly-changing landscape, since day one.

We have acute insight into the areas of health or safety concern. We also have practical ways to solve, so you can get up and running—quickly, effectively and economically.

Our experts put together a list and map of required updates and suggested updates  to make to your foodservice operation. Download the graphic as a pdf here.


In order to ensure customers are more likely to feel confident about returning to your establishment, it's necessary to uphold these safety and sanitation standards and recommendations:

Required Updates

  1. Affix traffic marketing/decals to floor to communicate distancing guidelines, and make it easier for people to know where they should be within your facility
  2. Shut down salad bars and opt for pre-packed grab-n-go temporarily
  3. Shut down self-serve beverage stations or have staff operate them temporarily
  4. Shut down self-serve condiment stations and opt for pre-wrapped alternatives temporarily
  5. Adjust seating layouts in your dining area to enact social distancing procedures and adhere to guidelines

Suggested Updates:

  1. Limit cardboard & boxes of food and supply deliveries in the kitchen area
  2. Isolate dedicated prep stations for meat, dairy and produce
  3. Implement proper social distancing for staff and patrons
  4. Implement proper hand-washing procedures and signage, you may even want to install additional stand-alone sinks and have hand sanitizer readily available for use
  5. Display health and safety procedures for patrons to view so they know what they can expect for you business and what's expected of them
  6. Consider a change to touchless/paperless ordering and payment options, as well as rethinking how your menu is displayed and handled by customers
  7. Implement consistent and timely trash removal and chair/table sanitation
  8. Consider high-temp dish-washing for proper sanitation

To support the navigation of these new updates we have put together a list of essential covid-19 supplies as well as reopening resources. The CDC has also assembled its considerations for restaurants and bars.

Want a little more assistance with your establishment? Contact us to get advice from one of our industry experts.

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