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The art of pouring beer

How a beer is poured greatly affects the taste. And perfecting the art of the pour is a simple enough technique that should not be overlooked.

Pouring beer straight into a glass activates the carbonation, allowing its foamy head to develop, releasing those tiny bubbles that burst and release an irresistible aroma. The right pour creates that perfect foam on top (“head”) for a flavorful tasting experience. Whether you're pouring beer from a bottle, can or tap, here are simple steps for the perfect pour.

1. Start with a clean glass.Empty beer glass

Any oil, dirt or residuals will foul flavor and inhibit head creation. Give the glass a quick swish of cold water to ensure you have a smooth, frictionless surface to work with. If you have any issues with getting your glasses spotless and clean, be sure to look into beer cleaning sinks, chemical solutions, and glassware dishwashers as options. 

2. Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle and start pouring.Pouring beer at an angle

Try to hit halfway up the side of the glass. The angle is important and it's likely guests are watching this as they are waiting for their beer to it's critical to show them you understand beer.

3. At the halfway point, bring the glass to a 90-degree angle.

Pouring beer uprightPour straight into the middle of the glass. When finished, the head should ideally be 1" to 1.5". Especially if the beer is fresh, this head will appear show guests just that.

Tip: Head creation directly relates to your pour speed, angle and distance. Too much head means you poured too fast or at too great a distance. Not enough head means you either poured too slowly or at too steep an angle without tilting it upright.

We hope this guide to the perfect pour helps you impress beer aficionados and keep them drinking out of your glass! Want to learn more about different types of beer glasses or custom branded glassware? Contact us today!

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