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Make a Statement and Promote Your Brand with Custom Tap Handles

Originally referred to as faucets, valves or spigots, when properly attached to a beer dispensing system, a tap handle’s only function is to control the release of beer. Nothing less. But, when thought about more creatively, strategically and through the lens of the marketing eye, it is capable of so much more. 

In an increasingly crowded market, the tap handle of a craft brewers’ beer is their primary calling card. It is the sales pitch without a single word being spoken. A tap handle’s design can be unique and eye-catching, resulting in immediate recognition and an increased number of pulls each week. It is often the difference between a successful new brand, and one that fades away into obscurity.

Tap Handles

Tap handles come in all shapes, sizes, designs and materials. While utilitarian in function, there is more to consider than one might think when it comes to designing a tap handle. Wood is a common choice and is often the most versatile material. It also blends nicely when used in conjunction with a variety of other brewery-related applications, like trays and signage.

Metal tap handles continue to gain attention. The industrial look of metal may accent the design and decorations of the bar serving your beer. Add to this the durability of the material and magnetic properties that accommodate for interchangeable decals. Much easier than swapping out the handle entirely, replacing one branded magnet for another is a quick and easy process.

Ceramic is elegant, beautiful and customizable, especially when compared to tap handles made from plastic or other, similar materials. When crafted with a keen eye to the finer details, they allow for maximum durability and strength while, at the same time, elevating your brand to greater levels of class and sophistication.

As a consumer, we are consistently influenced by our surroundings. What we see often shapes our decisions – both big and small, immediate and future thinking. The design of a new car. The close-up, glossy images of food on a menu. Even the clothes displayed on a department store mannequin. What we see and how we see it influences the choices we make. The same can be said for the display and positioning of tap handles at your favorite bar or craft brewery.

Custom Tap Handles-1

The color, shape and design of a custom tap handle will often have a say when deciding your next tapped beer. It is the culmination of a brand’s identity and how it is presented to the customer through visual representation. Odds are, if it’s pleasing to the eye, it may also translate to a beverage that is pleasing to taste.

Custom tap handles implemented with a thoughtful design have the power to develop an immediate connection with the customer. It’s true what they say about first impressions. And in the case of a new brewer trying to make that all-important first impression, a branded tap handle may be the best chance they have to standing out and finding their place among the competition.

Tap handles offer a unique opportunity for customers to quickly identify your product as they approach a crowded bar. They nicely illustrate your brand’s story and the character and quality of your beer. When paired with an eye-catching design, tap handles have the ability to interest and entice new customers, develop new fans through word of mouth and leave lasting impressions. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us to speak with one of our experts!

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