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Managing the Last Mile for Restaurants eBook

The U.S. food delivery market is expected to grow from $43 billion to $76 billion by 2022, largely propelled by the expansion of third-party delivery companies. Delivery has increased even more in recent months,  due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As customers look to continue enjoying food at their favorite restaurants they prefer to mitigate any potential risks and get takeout or delivery. Between the already steadily increasing growth of delivery and the extra fuel from the pandemic, we know delivery has become essential to the future of restaurants.

Restaurant owners are faced with several factors that must be taken into account when determining their delivery partners and strategy. And while the potential of expanding your business's reach and increasing monthly sales is always a tempting proposition, every aspect of this decision needs to be thoroughly investigated. Including how to maintain the quality and standards you have in place at your establishment. What type of packaging works best to keep your menu items fresh and appealing to customers. Managing how quickly orders can be processed and the accuracy of the order. Collecting orders online instead of the over the phone can greatly increase the likelihood the customer gets what they ordered.In addition to these added elements, there is always weighing the pros and cons of 3rd party delivery apps and services as well as the overall operational impact of preparing food to be on the go. Last but not least it's important to implement new processed and standards to help you succeed and become profitable in your off-premise offerings.

In this eBook, Managing the Last Mile for Restaurants, we'll examine everything you should consider when offering your restaurant's food for delivery.

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