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Kitchen Safety Checklist

For those of you who own a restaurant or food service facility, you know that insurance is expensive. You are probably also aware that if an accident occurs, the price might soar. 

Luckily, these costs do not have to be a part of your life. By implementing safety products like those from our partners at San Jamar, as well as procedures and policies you can avoid accidents and the costs associated with them.

Baking using apron and oven mits for kitchen safety.jpg

Here is our checklist of essential tips for keeping your facility and employees safe in the kitchen:

  1. Stock-up on mitts and pan grabbers for ovens, deep fryers, stove tops, and freezers.
  2. Make stools and footrests readily available to avoid prolonged standing and fatigue.
  3. Implement a training program to teach supervisors and employees how to properly lift, move, and tilt heavy containers and loads.
  4. Layout your kitchen and prep areas for efficiency to minimize foot traffic and eliminate constant straining.
  5. Provide cut-resistant gloves to employees.
  6. Offer training on every kitchen appliance and for safe cutting practices.
  7. For employees cooking with high-temperature grease and water, provide protective kevlar sleeves and aprons.
  8. Ensure the kitchen, prep, and storage areas are kept tidy, and walkways are clear of clutter.
  9. Instill a procedure for spills, ensuring employees mop up wet areas immediately and use caution signage.
  10. Create a uniform for your staff, including slip resistant footwear, hair nets, and rubber gloves.
  11. Keep work surfaces clean and clutter free.
  12. Test fire alarms regularly to ensure they are working properly.
  13. Test fire extinguishers regularly, and place them in visible locations.
  14. Train staff on how to use a fire extinguisher and the fire evacuation procedure.
  15. Finally, ask your employees for their input on how safety in your facility could be improved. After all, they work there every day!


Questions on San Jamar kitchen safety products or other ways to protect your employees and improve your kitchen's efficiency?

Give us a call at 1-800-Boelter today for a free consultation. 

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