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Prep for your best holiday yet [Infographic]

The holidays have traditionally been tough on restaurants and bars. However, things are changing and more people than ever are going out to eat, drink and celebrate from Thanksgiving through the New Year! With careful planning and marketing, you can create can't-miss experiences that attract business, generate buzz and even pad your pocketbook.

'Tis The Season For Success - Infographic

For ideas on your holiday marketing efforts, download our ebook!

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'Tis the Season for Success

Restauranteurs who understand seasonal impacts and develop a strategy to proactively compete are positioned to attract more diners- and boost profit. With the holiday season approaching, here are 5 KEY TIPS to upping your game plan, promising stats and helpful hints to help you get your slice of this year's holiday traffic.

  1. Forecast your sales to understand where you need to concentrate your efforts
  2. Review your menu to be sure it not only satisfies current guests but attracts new visitors. Consider adding or adjusting your menu with festive options. According to recent data, seasonal menus see 26% more orders
  3. Prep your staff on how to best up-sell to boost sales amongst diners.
  4. Asses your marketing campaigns to see which have brought in diners and ditch the others. If marketing has you fatigued, check out tips from Boelter Blue to simplify.
  5. Pay attention to what's happening to your community to understand when spikes may occur and coordinate efforts to attract diners.

With the right strategy, restauranteurs can boldly say, "Tis the Season Indeed"!

During the holidays, people love to go out to celebrate.  In 2014 and 2015, Two times above average number of tables were served on Christmas Eve and three times above average number of tables were served on New Years Eve. The average number of drinks consumed by Americans on New Years Eve is four drinks.

One in Ten Americans planned to eat their Thanksgiving meal out in 2017. Year over year, millennials spent 4% more on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve from 2014 to 2015.

Hints for a Happy Holiday Season

  • Host a series of don't miss events, like an Ugly Sweater party of holiday tasting dinner, that gets your restaurant or brewpub talked about on social media.
  • Might go without saying, but be sure you figure out staffing early - and reward generously - to get the help you need this season.
  • Sometimes holiday diners linger at tables longer than they normally would. Try remedying this by waiting to seat parties until everyone is present.
  •  70% of guests want healthy menu options - even during the holidays! Try incorporating more veggies and lean proteins into your lineup.

For ideas on your holiday marketing efforts, download our ebook!

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