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What to look for in an inventory management service partner

Finding the right inventory management solution

As your brewery grows, so will your need for more inventory. And while growth is great, finding enough space to store all of your supplies can be a challenge. Having an inventory management service that helps you juggle your space without sacrificing how much you’re able to carry in-stock can make all the difference. After all, your main focus should be brewing—let your supplier handle the other work.

inventory management

Here’s what to look for in an inventory management service:

1. Delivery right when you need it.
You shouldn’t have to dedicate storage space to new products before you’re ready for them. At Boelter, you can place an order for your customized glassware and other POS products, and we’ll set it into motion. Once completed, the order will be sent to an established warehouse and stored until you’re prepared for us to ship it—and when you need it, it’ll be shipped within 48 to 72 hours.

2. Monthly planning and reporting.
With a growing business, accurately assessing current storage space can be challenge. A planning and reporting system gives you a better understanding of real usage so you can plan better for future deliveries. Boelter offers a month-to-month inventory and reporting service that utilizes our advanced warehouse system.

3. Supply recommendations from specialists.
What are supply tips and trends in your industry you should know about? At Boelter, you’re able to work one-on-one with specialists who can recommend new supplies—from glassware, coasters, cups and tap handles—to help form a supply list that's perfect for you.

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