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Food storage checklist

The best food service facilities not only have quality food, they also have an inviting atmosphere that is above all else... clean! To keep your food and ingredients fresh and your kitchen sanitary, it's essential to have a reliable food storage strategy in place. With all the options out there, finding a product that lives up to its narrative is easier said than done.

baker using Cambro containers to bake in her kitchen

To help you sort through the options and get your facility on the right track, we have a recommendation. Our friends at Cambro offer a full collection of food storage options designed to help your kitchen run efficiently while maintaining its high contamination standards. This food storage checklist below will help you get your facility up-to-code ASAP:

  • Ingredient bins
    Great for storing bulk dry ingredients like flour and sugar. These bins include a clear sliding lid that allows for easy identification, quick access and hygienic storing. 

  • Insulated containers
    Ideal for perishable foods or condiments, especially within food bars or buffet tables. To use the ColdFest® containers effectively, make sure to freeze for eight hours or overnight before filling with pre-chilled product. After that, these round crocks will keep food cool for up to six hours. 

  • Produce bins
    Camcrisper® is a self-contained system for storing, washing and transporting bulk produce. It prevents contamination and minimizes unnecessary handling.

Cambro salad bar crocks

  • Salad bar crocks
    Ideal for use with salad bars, these FDA approved plastic crocks resist stains and odor residue caused by vinegar, salad oils or mayonnaise. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean, and are available with snap-tight lids to lock in freshness.

  • Pizza dough boxes
    For those of you with pizza on the menu, Cambro's pizza dough boxes are meant for proofing and storing pizza dough, while keeping the dough fresh and preventing crusting. 
  • Square or round storage containers
    Some food service facilities prefer square storage containers, others prefer them round. Regardless of their shape, their quality is essential for keeping food fresh and patrons healthy. These containers will do the trick. 

  • Fruit boxes
    With a clear sliding lid and clear sides, these boxes are perfect for quick identification and sanitary access. Furthermore, they will play a huge role in reducing cross contamination and increasing space with their easy stacking capabilities.

  • Labels
    The safest way to label food storage containers is to use biodegradable labels made specifically for this purpose. Cambro's StoreSafe® Food Rotation Labels allow you to mark food clearly with names and dates. Ready for a new label? The old labels dissolve completely off in a dishwasher or under hot water in less than 30 seconds, leaving no sticky residue.
  • Measuring utensils
    Virtually unbreakable, these scoops and measuring cups will not dent, chip or rust, making them the perfect counterpart for your storage containers. Allergen Management Products are also available to help operators create storage areas that are allergen and gluten free.

There you have it! Take this list and bring your facility up to the next level of quality. Ready to get started? Browse our wide variety of Cambro products.

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