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Cutting cost and time in healthcare prep

The California Department of Social Services notes the numerous types of diets that hospital settings must provide. Some include nutrient modifications, like low sugar or high fiber diets, while others include texture varieties, like puree diets. Still other patients have particular allergies or intolerances. Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 1.28.09 PM

Certainly, regardless of the dietary modifications, all patients deserve dining that promotes their health and comfort. However, it's up to you to balance these special diets with the time and costs multiple preparations can accrue. Robot Coupe, a 30-year-old company manufacturing food processors and vegetable preparation units, can simplify texture modifications for healthcare food service. Here are some of these tools

Blixers®. The Blixer is a particularly useful tool for patients who require texture-modified meals. Unlike typical food processors, you don’t have to add water to a Blixer in order for it to puree food; instead, Blixer-processed food retains its nutrients and flavor. 

A time-saving element of the Blixer is that a chef can prepare the same meal for everyone, and then, when texture modification is needed, can put some of this prepared meal into the device. No need to prepare a completely new meal for those diners who require soft entrees. 

Bowl Cutters. With so many types of diets required, food preparation in a healthcare kitchen can be even more demanding than in other types of kitchens. Robot Coupe Bowl Cutters can mix, chop, puree, blend, and even knead dough, saving considerable prep time from your staff. 

This saved prep time can make it easier to, say, prepare low sodium and low-fat diets for the patients who require them. The smaller variety lets you prepare meals for 26 to 60 people while the larger variety is appropriate for facilities with more than 60 patients. 

Vegetable Preparation Machines. Healthcare meal plans typically emphasize health, especially vegetables. But of course, preparing vegetables alternatives to simpler high-starch options like pasta or bread is common. However, with the Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation machines, the labor of preparing vegetables is vastly diminished. 

The machines can julienne vegetable noodles or dice tomatoes. It can also slice, grate, ripple cut, and French fry. Replacing lower-nutrient options can be vastly simplified with these machines. These machines pay for themselves within six months because of all the labor time you'll save.

Power mixers. Many healthcare residents require softer, smoother foods, especially if they follow diets like the clear liquid diet or full liquid diet. For these patients, a power mixer can do the trick. Each mixer comes with two parts – an emulsifier and a combination turbo head for blending. 

Depending on your intention, you can make pureed soups, emulsified salad dressing, beaten eggs, and batters. When you want to clean the device, a detachable foot and blade makes sanitizing simpler. Hospital patient eating food from cafeteria tray

If you want to simplify your food preparation, Boelter’s Healthcare Sales Team can help you purchase the Robot Coupe tools appropriate for your operation. Depending on your space, team size, and population served, we can recommend the products that will help you fulfill the needs of your patients most efficiently.


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