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Craft beers that wine drinkers will love

The recent surge in craft beer popularity is no secret, but here’s something you probably don’t know about wine: its popularity in the US continues to grow every year. How can brewers bridge this gap and find craft beers that wine drinkers will love?

Craft beer lovers share the same passions with wine drinkers for taste complexity, aroma, color and the experience of flavor-enhancing glassware. So why haven't more wine lovers haven’t crossed over yet? We’re convinced the craft beer that embodies their favorite wine characteristics will change their minds.

If any wine drinkers are curious about craft beer but aren't sure where to begin, here's a handy list of starting points.Beer bottle and wine glass

Pale ales for merlot palates

Like merlot, pale ales are often recommended as a first introduction. They’re flavorful and inviting, well balanced for year-round appeal. Despite the name, pale ales are a rich amber color. They offer a refreshingly hoppy aroma underscored by grassy, floral or citrus notes. A footed style glass will release its flavor to the fullest. 

Wheat beers for chardonnay lovers

The tropical flavors of chardonnays have a soulmate in wheat beers. While both possess similar fruity notes, wheat beers can also be infused with fresh herbs, flowers, vegetables and other flavorings that give them an irresistible aroma. Wheat beers are also aged in oak barrels, just like chardonnay. The ideal way to experience wheat beer is with a wheat or pilsner glass.

Porters for syrah connoisseurs

These two are best known for their dark fruit flavors and aromas. Like syrah, many winter porters also present prominent notes of spice, while generally offering mild notes of roasted grains, chocolate and toffee. Goblet style glasses are perfect for enhancing your taste experience.

Or, try a wine-beer hybrid

Get the best of both worlds! Beer-wine hybrids are quickly gaining in popularity with fans from both camps. It seems that every season, someone comes up with a new way to integrate the two, from aging brews in wine barrels to fermenting grapes with grains. A hybrid might be just the solution for people who can't pick which is their favorite.

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