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Building Restaurant Traffic eBook

With over a million restaurants operating, converting guests to regulars takes more than great food and service. Staying top of mind through a mobile marketing strategy will keep diners coming back. After all, once a customer dines three times, there's a 70% chance of turning them into a regular.

In this eBook: Building Restaurant Traffic, discover a variety of affordable mobile restaurant marketing strategies that automatically reach customers right where they are. You may already realize how many of your customers use their smartphones every day to interact with friends, family, work and of course brands and businesses. It's important your showing up where they are, on mobile platforms! We will cover what it takes to convert first time guests into regular customers that frequent your establishment. We will also look at some of the key steps in a mobile marketing strategy. You may be surprised to learn how affordable digital marketing can be, and how much impact it can have on your business. Creating a website and or a mobile app for your restaurant or bar can feel intimidating but it's simple and easy to maintain.

Outside of websites and mobile apps we offer many tips on how to interact with customers on other digital channels, including review sites, map finder sites, reservation sites and of course social media. When people are looking for a place to eat, they are looking online. It's more critical than ever that you establishment is present to be able to capture business and get people to order. It isn't always necessary to make a large investment in digital marketing. Many of the areas we cover are in fact free to use. Have new beers on tap? New menu specials? Share with your audience to motivate them to visit or order online! Building restaurant traffic is achievable and this ebook will help you navigate the path there.


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