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6 ways to be a better beer bar

Great beer isn't the only thing you need to keep customers interested in your bar. Standing out from the competition requires a truly exceptional customer experience. Your patrons are looking for a place to unwind, make memories and compare a few drinks with friends. How do you make sure they choose you every time?

Here are 6 ways your bar can impress craft beer connoisseurs and keep them coming back.Collection of craft beer in glasses

#1: Ensure that your waitstaff has basic beer knowledge

When customers are faced with unfamiliar brews, having a server who can make proper recommendations is crucial for building your reputation as a quality beer bar. Equip your waitstaff with the right tools and information needed to understand your menu and basic beer terms so they can sell more, build trust and keep your patrons happy.

#2: Build customer loyalty with a rewards program

In the competitive craft industry, building loyalty is key. Not only do rewards motivate someone to check out your brewery, but they also keep that new customer coming back. Offer rewards like discounts on beer, a custom beer glass or invitation-only release parties. Launch your loyalty program through an app for maximum customer engagement. Beer enthusiasts love breweries that interact with them on a personal level!Friends at table looking at phone

#3: Keep your beer menu updated

It’s not uncommon to run out of a beer—especially if it’s a rare brew. But there’s nothing more frustrating for a beer enthusiast than placing their order and finding out none of their top picks on the menu are available. Keep your in-house craft beer menu updated—whether it be on a chalkboard or a digital display. And let customers know what to expect before they walk in the door by keeping an updated tap list online.

#4: Keep your bar squeaky clean

Cleanliness in a beer bar goes far beyond the dining area. Glassware, kegs, taps and draught systems need to be regularly sanitized and maintained. Use proper draught etiquette; each glass should be rinsed before filling and the tap faucet to never come in contact with it.

#5: Don’t freeze glassware or bottled beer

Unlike a mainstream brew, most craft beers are meant to be served at warmer temperatures. If your glassware is frozen, the cold glass will inhibit the drinker’s ability to properly taste the beer. Glass also gets brittle in cold environments, so packaged beer should not be stored at freezing temperatures.

#6: Use the right glass for each beer

If you want to stand out as a quality beer bar, you need to perfect each detail. Correctly pairing each beer style with the proper glass is an expectation for the craft connoisseur. After all, it greatly affects the brews appearance, aroma and taste. Check out our quick guide to pairing beer with the right glassware.

Now you're well on your way to being the go-to bar for beer lovers. Cheers

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