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Checklist: Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When creating plans for a commercial kitchen, it's critical to closely examine your equipment needs to ensure an efficient operation. Mistakes can be costly, but good equipment planning can bring succ[...] Read More

Online Ordering Software for Restaurants

Contactless technology and online ordering has become a necessity, as it continues to grow for restaurants and bars across the country. Let guests order directly from your restaurant and eliminate any[...] Read More

Essential chef wear to outfit your food service operation

The culinary experts on your team need to look and feel professional at all times. The apparel that is worn in the kitchen, should reflect the high quality and unique style of your operation. Many man[...] Read More

Implementing contactless technologies for a safer operation

There is no doubt, COVID-19 is shaping the future of foodservice. Both out of convenience and concern for safety of employees and guests, contactless dining is being propelled forward. In the last few[...] Read More

Restaurant tabletop considerations for dine-in service during Covid-19

Not much if anything has remained unchanged about the foodservice industry since COVID-19 has forced the industry to adapt and shift in nearly every aspect. Across the United States there are varying [...] Read More

Restaurant Patio Furniture Guide

Now, more than ever it's important to maximize your seating capacity and move your dining space to the outdoors. With the complexities of dining room capacity restrictions and the reopening of your es[...] Read More

Enhancing your Brewery's Growler Program

The evolution of the beer growler has a long and interesting history. Beginning as far back as the late 1800s, tin pails, pottery, glass jars and jugs were all used to carry beer home from the local s[...] Read More

Restaurant Patio Ideas

As restaurants around the country reopen, owners are looking for opportunities to recover from months of reduced activity. Although continued capacity restrictions may be limiting their efforts, the s[...] Read More

Boelter Project earns FE&S Facility Design Project of the Month

This project turned out to be a total game changer for Lambeau Field and  stadium going fans of the Green Bay Packers. The new foodservice offering includes six upscale concession stands in an open-co[...] Read More

Quick Guide for a Healthy Foodservice Operation During COVID-19

Our team of kitchen design professionals have had their finger on the pulse of this rapidly-changing landscape, since day one. Read More

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