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Chef Amber Lancaster, "There's No Crying in the Kitchen" [Podcast]

A Tucson native, Chef Amber Lancaster has worked as a private chef, holding several positions in Paris at Michelin-rated French dining destinations and was Head Chef at Soho House. Chef Amber has been recognized as one of the “25 Women to Watch” by Hotel F&B Magazine, “9 Chefs to Know in Chicago” by Zagat.com and “Chef of the Month” by Chef Works. 

Chef Amber Lancaster
In this episode of The Boelter Wire, Nik Ellickson, Director of Contract and Design with Boelter, speaks with Chef Amber about:

  • Competing in Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas (1:16)
  • Chef Gordon Ramsay (12:36)
  • Balancing work with social life (17:35)
  • Finding inspiration in the kitchen (21:10)
  • Working with Hobart Kitchen Equipment (25:46)
  • What the future holds for Chef Amber (27:01)

This episode of The Boelter Wire podcast is sponsored by Hobart Premiere Foodservice Equipment.

Hobart StainlessHobart – Inspired by Great Food & Great People

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