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Catering smarter in healthcare facilities

Healthcare catering is more complicated than it looks.


Catering is drastically different from cooking in a restaurant. In a restaurant, a chef and server need to work in tandem to create and deliver food to small groups of people. Caterers, however, have a limited amount of time to get food out, to possibly hundreds of people simultaneously.This is certainly the case in a healthcare setting. In fact, there may also be complexities of delivering many different types of food for the same meal.

Caterers start the process by making their food fresh, on the day of serving.  They then proceed to organize the food in the way it will be delivered on the special carts, and then successfully transport it to location. This multitasking is easier said than done, since they are concerned with both food quality and food safety.  It’s important to keep food fresh, which means certain foods need to be piping hot and others cold or even frozen. Quality caterers use the right tools to make dishes as fresh as possible and successfully transport it. These solutions can help with organization, time management, preparing dishes early and regulating food temperature.


Over the years, the catering field has advanced to a point where innovative tools allow caterers to transport their food almost effortlessly. One manufacturing company that is at the forefront of this innovation is Carlisle. 

Carlisle is dedicated to improving healthcare catering operations with their Dinex line. This line was designed with the needs of patients and caterers in mind, allowing food to be served hot, fresh and in a timely manner. The patient's experience can become exceptional, leaving them feeling comfortable and satisfied during their stay.

How do you go about making your catering operation smarter? With innovative equipment, quality food, and a great patient experience worthy of spreading the word about. Start the process and speak with a Boelter specialist about healthcare catering and great options from Carlisle.


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